During the week of Sept 18th to the 24th, Fairport will be hosting the Global Mural Conference and while planning is well underway, we wanted to share with all of you a letter from our member Marie Cramer

I am writing to you to ask you to please donate to an important project. I do not like asking, but we are having several international artist coming to our area which will be an experience of a life time for all of us to enjoy. The children in the area will not see or be able to participate in this ever again locally. I am volunteering my time to put this together! There is a Hatchfund.org campaign set up to raise funds for a mural Expo, which will be a feature of the Global Mural Conference.

I've been working very hard, volunteering many hours, on the steering committee for the conference and the expo. We want to be able to host as many amazing international and local mural artists as possible, each creating their own gorgeous mural. This event is going to be a fantastic educational opportunity for all ages. I am SO excited about the artists who have applied. They are astoundingly talented!

The expo is a FREE community art event! Not only will this be an unprecedented educational opportunity for artists of all ages, but also a really fun family event. Funds collected are being used to pay for supplies, materials and meals for the artists, and general operating expenses. I myself and volunteering all my time, and I am working with an all-volunteer crew, to put this event together.

Visit the our Expo page for more information: 2016 Erie Canal Heritage Mural Expo

Be sure and read our "update" as well on this page, about how excited Venezuelan artist Fernanda is to come to Fairport this fall; her passion is inspiring!

Also, if you know of any business, organization, or institution who would love one of these murals by an esteemed artist, please call Mark DeCracker with the details (see below details).

**Please place this on your Social media sites and forward to as many friends/family, it is a dream come true for all us!!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart! And the top!! And especially the middle!!!!


Marie Cramer
Canal NY member

Contact: Mark L. De Cracker
Cell:315-573-8170 or Email: mark@gmc2016.com