Fairport needs our help. Click on the link below to vote for Fairport as the coolest-small-town in America. If you've never had the opportunity to visit Fairport you're missing out. Fairport has taken advantage of the fact that the Erie Canal passes right through the center of the village. On either side of the Canal Fairport has provided its residents and visitors the ability to walk, bike, and eat directly canal side.

Vote for Fairport as the coolest-small-town in America


As a boater Fairport is one of the more popular spots along the Canal. Canal Days which is held the first weekend in June is one of the largest events along the Canal with attendance approaching 250,000 each year.

So help Fairport be the coolest town in America in Budget travels 11th annual contest. You can vote once every 24 hours, so join me and the rest of the membership of the New York Boater in helping Fairport NY be the coolest small town in America.

Voting ends at 11:59 pm on June 6th. Fairport is the only community in NY in the running, so Vote, Vote Vote!