As Canal NY moves forward into 2016, there are a number of projects on our radar that go a long way towards accomplishing the mission statement of bringing business to its members through tourism marketing programs, educational outreach, legislative advocacy and member organizational development.

One of those projects on the drawing board is the creation of a new web site. One very different from the one you're accustomed to seeing.

The discussion at this past board meeting turned to the Discover the Erie project that is currently being planned for a late 2016 launch and the role that Canal NY can play in the process.

The goal of the Discover the Erie web site will be to create the most comprehensive online resource for the Erie Canal Traveler. Of the limited online resources currently available regarding the Erie Canal, none focus on the communities along the Erie. This will be the core of the Discover the Erie project. Each of the many communities along the Canal will have the ability to edit their own page, post pictures, publish content about their community, create a directory of businesses and organizations that are relevant to a Canal Traveler.

As Canal NY continues to provide the marketing assistance to its members through participation in events such as the World Travel Market, NY Times Travel Show, NYC Media Luncheon, the ability to have access to a web site such as the project will not only help to promote the member businesses and organizations within Canal NY, but will help Canal NY's influence and relevance throughout the Canal Corridor and beyond.

Canal NY needs to produce a product that can be available to Canal visitors, and other interested parties looking for information on the Canal. Over the next month or so we will be reaching out to the membership looking for input on how this proposed project could be of a benefit to all of us.