CONTACT:Kal Wysokowski, Executive

Canal-side improvements to spruce up Fairport’s south bank(Fairport, N. Y. – April 4, 2013)

The Fairport Office of Community + Economic Development (OCED) ispleased to announce that waterfront improvement work along the south bank of the Erie Canal betweenthe Liftbridge and Parker Street bridge will begin this week. The project consists of improvements,repairs and upgrades to the pedestrian promenade and boat dock stations that will benefit residents,boaters and visitors alike. Improvements include new site amenities, including benches, lights, brickpavers, trash receptacles, new landscaping, stone retaining wall and enhanced access. The new andimproved south bank is expected to be ready just in time for the start of the canal boating season.

The project aims to improve recreational opportunities for boaters and trail users, expand close-tohomerecreational activities, provide a high quality of life for residents, and increase tourists andboaters. “We see this as an investment in community development that will enhance the natural andscenic beauty of our waterfront for years to come,” says Kal Wysokowski, the Executive Director ofFairport OCED. “It also builds on the iconic cultural attraction of our second Main Street, the Erie Canal,which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to our village each year,” she added. McCord LandscapeArchitecture provided professional design services. Wayside Contractors was awarded the constructioncontract.

The Fairport Industrial Development Agency was able to secure a $134,238 matching grant through theFinger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Consolidated Funding Application process,provided by the New York State Canal Corporation. This augments the new construction to the east ofthe project site, a $1.5 million redevelopment that includes a concrete breakwall and a pedestrianpromenade.

“The upgrades to Fairport’s canal-side promenade is a great example of a community taking pride in itshistory while taking the right steps to ensure a bright future,” said Danny Wegman, Regional CouncilCo?chair.

"The Village of Fairport is an example how a community can capitalize on its proximity to New York'shistoric and beautiful Erie Canal," said Brian U. Stratton, NYS Canal Corporation Director. #