Member Benefits

CANAL NEW YORK MARKETING AND BUSINESS ALLIANCE will help you tell the world about your business. Canal New York works on behalf of its members in three strategic areas.

Tourism Marketing
  • Cooperative Marketing opportunities at state-wide, national, and international venues including the World Travel Market in London, Tourism Pow Wow in Miami, I Love NY Tourism Showcase in Toronto and New York City.
  • Comprehensive, safe, and easy to participate in Social Media opportunities.
  • A member Web Site that not only attracts your customers but also links them to other canal side businesses and most importantly to the informational sites that meet your and your customer's needs.
  • Media Event coordination to attract national and international attention to the New York State Canal System and to your business.
  • Brochure distribution at canal community festivals and events.

Member and Organizational Development
  • Networking with other canal businesses and communities at monthly Board Meetings held across the state.
  • Committee membership-to help Canal New York grow and spread the individual strengths of each member across the organization. Membership Growth, Tourism, Marketing, Legislative Advocacy, Education or Organizational Governance, there is a place for your talents.

Legislative Advocacy
  • Canal New York is the only private, business based advocate for the NYS Canal System and is beginning the process of establishing a Canal Caucus in the NYS Legislature.
  • Canal New York promotes its members legislative agenda to local, state, and federal officials by attending various conferences, staffing exhibit booths and hosting receptions all over the state.
  • Canal New York lobbies, supports and lends assistance to its members legislative issues in a voice that is respected and carries clout in New York State.

Membership Benefits and Eligibility

All Members of CANAL NY are entitled to the following:
  • Join or chair a committee. Standing committees are Membership Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Education, Government Advocacy and CANAL NY Governance.
  • Eligible to be nominated for election to the Board of Directors. CANAL NY is especially looking for board members who can represent canal regions and/or membership types, and with talent and time to chair and lead committee work.
  • Attend or participate in professional/educational development programs offered by CNY Education Committee.
  • Be an advocate for the canal speaking with one voice for the private sector to government leaders regarding issues that support recognition and support of the Canal System and its communities. CANAL NY will listen to you in forming its legislative agenda.
  • Network with officials, tourism professionals and other members at CANAL NY monthly board meetings, the annual meeting and other events throughout the canal corridor.
  • Host board meetings to introduce other members to their organization, community or business.
  • Participate in the annual meeting in April to exchange of information, ideas and literature. Network with State Officials and other guests at the post meeting reception.
  • Eligible for any discounts/offers from other members
  • Listed on the CANAL NY website member directory roster.
  • Receive email announcements/free digital newsletter subscription
  • Post comments and participate in Member Only Forum blogs on CNY website

General Business Members, Municipalities, Partners, Sustaining and Tourism Promotion Agency Levels receive additional business and marketing benefits with basic membership.
  • Business Profile listing on CNY website with Logo and link to your website
  • Listing in Website Member Directory, searchable by region and business type
  • Welcome New Member News Announcement on CNY home page.
  • Member news releases posted on CNY web site "NEWS"
  • Member events posted on web site "EVENTS"
  • Access through CNY webmaster to post on CNY social media sites
  • Logo included on banner display at annual meeting, board meetings, public events, presentations (banner updated annually in March)

Optional Co-op Marketing Programs

General, Municipalities, Partners, Sustaining and Tourism Promotion Agency Levels can elect to participate in optional marketing programs.
  • Member Spotlight section on website ($50 annual). Pictures, videos, text and pdf files can be uploaded to your exclusive Spotlight providing a highly visible special information section for your business.
  • Newsletter Advertorial 200 words ($25 per article). CNY will begin publishing a quarterly email newsletter for further consumer reach. Submit an article to advertise and promote your business.
  • Unique album in photo gallery, maximum 12 images ($50 annually). The CNY webmaster will upload your own unique photo album in the Photo Gallery section of the website.
  • Coop advertising projects (quote). You will get information and be invited to participate in various coop advertising projects throughout the year. Investment varies with specific projects.
  • Rack Card consumer brochure sponsorship (quote). A coop investment to sponsor the printing of the CNY "What Will You Do Today?" consumer rack card. Distribution at Locks, CNY member locations, and at selected tourism information centers. Sole sponsorship provides a sponsor credit on the bottom back panel of the card.
  • Canal Pocket Map advertising panels (quote). CNY will produce a business card size foldable pocket reference map of the canal system for distribution at events and festivals, member locations, locks and lift bridges and selected consumer/tourist focused locations. A limited number of ad panels will be available for members to post ads or coupons/offers.
  • Literature included on CNY display at a minimum of 10 events in 2012. ($100 annual or $15 single event). CNY will have a physical presence at least 10 major festivals events across the canal corridor, with a goal of reaching a potential 1 million impressions based on event published attendance total. CNY presence will be either with a branded boat on the water or with a branded 10 X 10 canopy tent.
  • Web site sponsor ($5,000). Exclusive sponsorship of the CNY website. Benefits include first position banner image placement, logo and credit on the CNY home page.
  • CNY Event sponsorship. (quote)
  • Boat event marketing sponsorship ($10,000). Canal NY enhances it's on water presence marketing with a branded boat. Exclusive sponsorship of this project is available.
  • Tent/trailer event marketing sponsor ($10,000). CNY will attend some events off water to take best advantage of consumer traffic. A 10 X 10 branded canopy tent is the standard set up. A plan to utilize a branded small travel trailer is being considered.
  • Category exclusive sponsor ($25,000). Official category sponsorship is available, subject to CNY Board approval. Sponsor must serve the entire canal corridor and have an appropriate product or service available to CNY members or consumers.
  • Travel Writers media event (quote). CNY hosts an annual reception for travel media journalists in New York City. Specific show details and participation options are sent to CNY members for their investment consideration.
  • Domestic travel trade show (quote). CNY staffs its own booth at the NY Times Travel Show, New York City March 2012.
  • International travel trade show (quote). CNY participates and has representatives at the World Travel mart in London and the International Pow Wow (Los Angeles 2012) travel trade shows. Specific show details and participation options are sent to CNY members for their investment consideration.
Membership Brochure

Download our
Membership Brochure

Canal Festivals

Canal NY attends canal festivals and events to promote and distribute members brochures

Travel Trade Shows

Each year Canal NY has participated in travel trade shows in London and NYC

Monthly Board Meetings

Canal NY hosts monthly board meetings across the state giving members a seat at the table

Annual Meeting

Canal NY members are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting and hear guest speakers, held each April